Lennox Head is a sweet little surf town 20 mins drive South of Byron bay and about 15 minute North of Ballina. The town is small and cute with everything a good surf/beach town needs. Such things as a bakery for fuelling up before and after surfs, great coffee, tasty cafe's, a pub, burgers, surf shops, boutique shops and most importantly a beautiful beach.

Even more importantly though and Lennox Heads crowning glory is the super long and famous right hand point break at the Southern end of the beach. While its's now the start of summer, I thought a bunch of photo's of the point firing this past Autumn and Winter, while men and women in wetsuits dodged men in grey suits that seemed determined to ruin the fun, might make you appreciate the summer we are about to have and the waves we can look forward to next year.

Manly beach is a Bamboo Beach favourite. It's the beach that inspired us and where we began with small steps back in 2012.

It’s a beautiful beach that stretches from South Steyne at the South and heads North, past 'The Corso', the volleyball courts and North Steyne, all the way up to Queenscliff. Tourists tend to flop and drop on their beach towels near 'The Corso' and volleyball courts, whilst the further North you head the more likely you'll find locals hanging out.

While I could wax lyrical about the awesomeness of the beach, the town, the cafe’s, bars and amazing people I thought I might instead show you another darker, moodier side to this famous beach. 

Storm Barrel Manly from up high

(Storm surf from the old BB office - Queenscliff)

With winter well and truly upon us and with the recent run of frigid conditions you'll find that your BB beach towel and Turkish towels aren't just made for the beach. The BB Originals make great blankets to get all cosy with on the couch, or as super nice after surf warmers to wrap up tight in. Our Turkish towels look great as bed spreads, throws and scarf style neck warmers.

Quuenscliff Bombora

(The Queenscliff Bombie)

Over the years living and working in Manly I have seen huge storm surf wash away the beach. Winds so strong it has whipped sand from the beach and covered the road at the Queenscliff end of the beach. Washing machine surf which calms to perfection. The lagoon bursting its banks at least once a year from heavy rain. Branches down from the famous Norfolk pines. Flash flooding and pedestrians drenched at the infamous North Styene puddle when cheeky drivers just can’t help themselves from driving through it.
Burst Queenscliff Lagoon

(The Queenscliff Lagoon with its banks burst. Normally thats all sand - fondly known as the desert)

These storms which can be quick and furious blasts, or sometimes the longer, more powerful and infamous East coast lows, create an aura of excitement and energy quite different from your usual hot and sunny beach days.

North Steyne Barrel

(North Steyne drainer after a storm)

While these storms are not the best conditions for hanging at the beach on your Bamboo Beach, beach towel or Turkish towel, it's usually in the aftermath of the storm that the magic happens. The swell cleans up and the surf starts pumping. The light can get magical as the clouds, moisture and sun collide to create golden hues. People hit the boardwalk again, soaking up the serenity, the calmness and the magic that is Manly.

Sunset Manly

(Nice light - North Steyne looking towards Bower)

Drop in Manly

(Chunky wedges after a storm)

Moon ride Queenscliff

(Moonrise over settling seas)

It's fast approaching Christmas and summer weather is well and truly upon us. Unfortunately we are running low on our Bamboo Beach Original beach towels. Our Burnt Orange has sold out and Blue is running extremely low. While we had hoped to have more in time for summer and Christmas we are sad to say this will not be the case.  It was a case of either putting an inferior product on the shelves or waiting until we could present a quality beach towel that is up to, or better than our previous standards.

Bamboo Beach Originals Queenscliff

We wish to apologise if Burnt Orange is one of your favourites and if you would like a Blue towel get in quick before the rest are sold.  Our Sand and Charcoal coloured towels make for a beautiful present to friends or family, or a great gift for yourself if you love extra large, super soft beach towels.

We also now have a great selection of Turkish towels in a variety of new season colours and subdued classic colours.  The Super Yacht is best of both world fusion combining Turkish Towel flat weave on one side and soft absorbent terry towelling on the other side.

With the Turkish towels a great present idea is to select a set of four, one style four colours so all the family can have one each, or mix and match styles to your hearts content.

Super Yacht Towels wrapped in Bamboo 

Again we are very sorry that our Bamboo Beach originals are running low and we will keep you informed as to when our new stock will be arriving.

Thanks and enjoy the summer, the beach, road trips, bbq's, friends, family and all the things that make summer great.

Bamboo Beach

Sunset Palm tree

It's no secret that Bingin beach in Bali is one of my favourite places in this great big world of ours.  From the travelling surfer, backpacker, flashpacker, to the high rolling cliff top resort dweller, Bingin brings together a melting pot  of cultures and nationalities.  Perfect surf, perfect sunsets and a beautiful location, Bingin is the business!

I won't deny that as a surfer it was anything but the perfect and mechanical left that first lured me to Bingin.  Bingin the wave, is a perfectly formed left barrel that breaks over sharp and shallow coral.

Bingin barrel

(Bingin from the beach)

It breaks right out front from the beachside/cliffside Warung's and after a long day of perfect surf it doesn't get much better than siting in a Warung, sipping a ice cold Bintang as the sun sets, watching the last few surfers, slip into a few last barrels.

Sunset DrinksGroup Drinks

(Kelly's Warung - Sunset Beers)

During the day the actual beach at Bingin is relatively quiet. You'll find a few girls laying out on their beach towels, a few Euro's strutting the beach and groupies chilling watching pro surfers, but for most people its just to hot.  If you're not swimming or surfing chilling in a Warung with some yummy food and a cold drink is a much better option.

Bingin Beach

Come early evening however the beach comes alive. Not crazy alive but in a Bingin chilled out kinda way. More people hit the beach, sitting watching the surf and sunset. The Euro's get strutting a bit more. The beachside Warung's get busier with people sipping beers, watching the sunset, the surf and the Euro's strutting on the beach. The smell of charcoal bbq's and grilling fish starts to waft around. Three of the Warung's do an epic fresh fish bbq, tables on the sand, toes digging in and the water lapping at your feet if the tide is high. So good, so fresh, so cheap, with maybe a Bintang or three to wash it all down. Life's good!

Bingin backhand barrel

(Evening backhand slider - from Mick's Place)

If you're onto it you'll be staying for a few days.  Beachside, cliffside or on top of the cliff there is accommodation to suit all budgets and million dollar views for everyone.

View from MU.

(View from MU - towards Impossibles)

Sunset Warung Balcony

(Sunset Warung - $20 a night, double bed, cold water ensuite and balcony with those million dollar views)

Yes there are steps, big uneven steps, lots of steps and a rabbit warren of paths and alleyways at the top, but that just means only the keen and worthy will make the effort.

Pack yourself a bag and a Bamboo Beach towel or Turkish towel, strap on that motorbike helmet or safer yet wave down a taxi and do yourself a favour, next time you're in Bali get yourself out to Bingin to enjoy yourself some Bingin beach goodness.

Steps to Bingin Beach

 (Steps to the beach)

Bingin Barrel from MU

(Bingin from MU)

All captioned images by Bamboo Beach


Burleigh Heads Firing on all Cylinders - Shot from the comfort of my extra large Bamboo Beach Towel.


Burleigh head barrel.




February 02, 2014

Poster for Bamboo Beach Originals

A Tale of Two Towels

January 09, 2013

This isn’t a tale of two specific beach towels. It is a tale of two towels at every beach. Those two towels that two people spread out overlapping one another. It’s a story of that in love couple, or besties gossiping, mums and their kids, or just their cute kids playing.

Everywhere you look at a busy beach you’ll see a tale of two towels. We here at Bamboo Beach have always been firm believers that beach towels are too small. Our company began with the seed of that one simple thought. “Beach towels are too small”, or maybe “beach towels should be bigger”. Two become one and better for all.

Confused yet? Please don’t be, this is the story of two towels that became one.

Before bamboo, softness and quality of weave; before pockets and eco-edges; our one goal was to make a beach towel that was bigger than the rest. Something big enough for two people, yet for one a luxury of space on a beach.

Next time you’re at the beach look around for a tale of two towels, I’m sure you will not search far. It may even be you. Then think to yourself, what’s better than two? One Bamboo Beach, beach towel!